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Whole Lotta Love Ritual - 10/15/2021

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Whole Lotta Love Ritual will open the roads and heart to unconditional love! This ritual is great for everyone regardless of your relationship status. Whole Lotta Love will heal your heart from past trauma, attract love to you, boost self-love, make relationships balanced and passionate. This ritual will bring you exactly what you ask for, please be sure you are calling in a relationship that you truly want and are ready for.

 What I need from you:

  • Please email your petition to by Friday 10/15/21 @ 8pm est or if you know it at time of checkout you can add it to the note.
    • Your petition should be written in presence tense and it must be specific.
    • Petition example: I am so happy and grateful for my healthy, loving, monogamous relationship. My partner is complete and whole. He/She adds to my happiness. We are perfect for each other.
    • If your petition is not received my 8pm, you will be included in the ritual under the general petition. 
  • Believe it’s already yours.
  • Release attachment to the outcome. Don’t become obsessed with the outcome. Obsession means you are out of alignment and do not truly believe you can have what you want. Allow Spirit to bring what you want to you.
  • Give thanks!!!!

 You will receive an “order fulfillment” email, that is your confirmation of inclusion in the ritual. 

A picture and/or video will be posted on Instagram @ascension_boutique on the Friday of the ritual after 8pm.

I also accept CashApp $AscensionBoutique Please leave your email address in the note, then email your petition to

 Whole Lotta Love Ritual is a community ritual that is done for a group of participants at the same time. Please note this is not an individual working, if you are interested in a personalized ritual please email