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Whole Lotta Love Candle

Ascension Boutique

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The heart knows what it wants… self-love, unconditional love, boundless love. Use this candle to attract a Whole Lotta Love into your life. This candle will help you love yourself unconditionally so that your heart is open to giving and receiving unconditional love. It will help amplify the love, tap into your Divine Feminine & Masculine, and sexual energy. Whole Lotta Love will aid you in manifesting the love you desire and deserve. You cannot attract high-vibrational love from a low vibrational state. Raise your vibration so that you are in alignment with the frequency of Divine Love. Whole Lotta Love candle will bring love into your life from every direction…self-love, friendship, platonic love, romantic love, etc.

These are spell/fixed candles, dressed with intention and charged with reiki. These are not fragrance candles. All candles will come with instructions. Please burn candle responsibly.

Due to the nature of this work all sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be granted.

Listing is for one candle