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Rose of Jericho

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Rose of Jericho also known as Resurrection Plant is known as the plant that never dies. It erases negative influences and brings peace, harmony, and abundance. It protects against illness and negative vibes. The water from the Rose of Jericho can also be used as a type of holy water.

How to work with your Rose of Jericho:

Meditate/Pray with your Rose of Jericho and set intentions. Place the Rose of Jericho is a bowl of water. You can completely submerge your Rose of Jericho in water or only keep the roots covered, trust your intuition. Watch the dry plant miraculously come to life and turn into a beautiful green flower. Add 5 coins and gold & silver glitter to the plant to increase prosperity and opportunity for success. The water is said to have mystical qualities and can be sprinkled around your home or business to bring you abundance and wealth. Place the plant in a shallow bowl of water by your front door to invite prosperity into your dwelling. Change the water weekly. Rose of Jericho can be reused multiple times, once it dries out it will come back to life.

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