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Manifest and Chill Candle

Ascension Boutique

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Manifest & Chill!!! It’s no secret that our thought creates our reality. What is a secret is that we cannot obsess over what we are trying to manifest. We have to chill and continue to vibrate in the frequency of what we wish to manifest. Align with the flow of the Universe and raise your vibrational frequency. Manifest and chill candle will aid your manifestations and help them be successful. This is a powerful candle that will amplify your intentions and give you an energy boost to manifesting your desires. You will become a magnet for everything you wish to attract. Make sure you really want what you are asking for because the Universe will bring it to you.

These are spell/fixed candles, dressed with intention and charged with reiki. These are not fragrance candles. All candles will come with instructions. Please burn candle responsibly.

Due to the nature of this work all sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be granted.

Listing is for one candle