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Light for Me - Candle Magick

Ascension Boutique

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Light for Me is an option for those who wish for me to light and work their candle on their behalf. If you do not have the privacy you desire to perform candle magick, or if you wish for your candle to burn straight through without putting it out this is an option for you. 

If you choose this service you will be required to email your petition to 

Your petition will be reviewed. You will receive email notification if your petition is accepted. If your petition is not accepted please revised your petition based on the suggestions I provide. Take your time when writing your petition. Be specific and write it in present tense as if what you desire is already yours. 

Once your petition is accepted. Your candle will be lit and worked until the burn is complete. Please understand that these candles are not just lit and left alone. I work these candles everyday to get the best results. 

You will receive a video of your candle each day. Once your burn is complete you will receive a candle interpretation. 

No candle will be shipped to you. The candle will be lit and worked on your behalf.

If you have any questions please email