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7 Chakras White Sage

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White Sage wrapped with 7 Chakras colored rose petals has all the benefits of White Sage with the added benefits of unblocking and balancing the chakras. Roses also bring happiness and love. Roses have the highest vibration of all flowers. Use this to clear negative energy and balance your chakras. 

Rose petals may have variation in color and browning as drying process occurs.

White Sage is a sacred herb that is perfect for cleansing, resetting, purifying and healing. It clears negative and stagnant energy from people, places, crystals, and other sacred items. Sage is one of the fastest and most effective herbs for removing negative energy. Sage neutralizes the energy of the space. Sage encourages protection. It can help with enhancing your intuition, relieving worry, opening your mind and clearing away negative thoughts and feelings.

White sage is used in sacred rituals and ceremonies or just for energy clearing.

Native Americans routinely use smudging as a vehicle for spiritual transformations, to raise vibration, to purify a space and ward off evil spirits and negative energy. Please burn your sage with reverence and respect for the traditional.

Listing is for one 7 inch smudge stick